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ປະກາດຜູ້ໂຊກດີ ຮ່ວມກິດຈະກຳຕອບຄຳຖາມປະຈຳວັນເສົາທີ 14 ກໍລະກົດ Announcement of our first weekly quiz game winner. 

Announcement of our 2nd quiz winner 21.07.2018

ປະກາດຜູ້ໂຊກດີຄັ້ງທີ3 Announcement of our 3rd lucky winner Part 1

Pray for Attapue event and announcement of our 4th winner. ກິດຈະກຳສູດມົນ ແຜ່ເມດຕາ ແລະສົ່ງກຳລັງໃຈ ໄປໃຫ້ຜູ້ປະສົບໄພທີ່ອັດຕະປື.

Lactose intolerance and 4th announcement of lucky winner. ສາລະເລື່ອງແພ້ນົມງົວ ແລະປະກາດຜູ້ໂຊກດີຄັ້ງທີ 5.

6th announcement of lucky winner and introduction to Shopping-D website

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Nobody likes to go out when it's raining

Solution to avoid traffic jam


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